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Girl Parts (Spoiler free!)

Girl Parts 
Author: John M. Cusick
Reviewer: Brittknee

    Dissociative disorder is a very common thing to see in our day in age, due to all of the technology that surrounds us. It can cause depression, discomfort and suicide. Girl Parts by John M. Cusick is an interesting story which involves two young teens, named David and Charlie. The two are complete opposites, but both have a problem actually connecting to people. David too attached to his technology, and Charlie wants nothing more but to be alone. David is assigned with a hot Sokora Companion which helps treat dissociative disorder. He meets his Companion Rose and soon wants nothing to do but 'get with her'. But he soon finds out he gets a firm shock from her if he disrupts her Intimacy clock. “Hello, David. My name is Rose. It is a pleasure to meet you. We are now entering minute two of our Friendship. According to my intimacy clock, a handshake is now appropriate.”-Rose. Rose becomes detached from the boy she was built for and finds Charlie. Charlie finds comfort in Rose not being a real girl, and opens up to her. With Charlie by her side, Rose develops a will of her own and helps him along the way.

   The story switches from David, to Charlie every few chapters which shows the different struggles, and perspectives on their lives. David believes he does not have any type of disorder, just because he likes to spend time on his computer, and because he has friends, friends he drinks and smokes with. Charlie, deals with loneliness, while trying to convince himself and everyone else he isn't depressed. Rose is shown as her own person as the story progresses. As she learns, Charlie and David learn. Rose has struggles of her own trying to understand why she still cares for David, when he threw her away.

   As a reader, I loved the humor in this novel. It really added to the wonderful written storyline. It was written with such an understanding of disorders, technology and psychology. Rose was by far my favorite character. Throughout the novel I kept forgetting she was not human, which goes to show I think she could have been a real amazing human being. She has such compassion for life, and understanding as she learned. I personally think the ending was lacking something. I felt as if it was climaxing, then stopped halfway through. But I loved the message that this book has for teens and young adults.

   Yes, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something new, different and exciting. The book held up most of my expectations, and made me feel emotions I forgot I had. The writing style is easy to understand an relate to. You wont be able to put this book down till the very end , which will make you beg for more. John . M Cusick is a wonderful new author, and I am looking forward to reading his other novels! Check him out here : John M. Cusick

4/5 Robot Girlfriends!


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