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The Boy With The Bread

The Lit Monsters are huge fans of Suzanne Collins and her novel trilogy “The Hunger Games.” In light of the casting news for the movie the three of us had the urge to express our opinions on who should have been casted AND our opinion on Josh Hutcherson who is officially Peeta Mellark!

Since the trio are all Peeta fans we will be sharing our opinions—between the three of us of who we each think could have played the lovable boy with bread! Look below to see who has captured our imagination and vision of Peeta.


When it comes to my favourite books and when I discover that they are being made into movies I get really excited. Then it tends to disappear because I know that not only as a fan but also the HUGE fan base behind books can be really picky when it comes to casting their favorite characters! I am definitely not an exception. There will never be a male on this earth that could play Peeta because no man is as close to perfect as he is! Only our imaginations do justice to the sweet, selfless and major heart throb; Peeta Mellark. Now I know Josh Hutcherson has been casted and I love his adorable smile! He's not who I expected to be casted but I think he may surprise many fans. We'll just have to wait and see if he can fill the giant shoes that Peeta Mellark has created.
I’ve seen a lot of people who have wanted Alex Pettyfer to play Peeta. Make no mistake, I am one of the biggest Alex fans, what with his sexy British accent and tattoo's, but if he were to act next to Jennifer Lawerence (Katniss) I think that she wouldn't be appreciated as much as she should, seeing as she IS the main character because Alex would hog the screen with his uber hotness.

Now my (almost) perfect Peeta would definitely be Hunter Parrish! I don’t know what it is about him but he just oozes Peeta. I’ve seen some of the movies he’s in and I know that he is very versatile in his acting, which to me means that he will be able to play the different aspects of Peeta. For example when he is working with the other tributes to protect Katniss and he even had me believing it was real! He also sings and acts in ‘Spring Awakening’ alongside Lea Michele (Glee). This leads me to believe that he’s comfortable on stage and would act perfectly in the interview scenes at the Capital! This is all just speculation but I truly believethat he would be a great Peeta! I love his hair, his muscles, his eyes, he looks hot in a tuxedo and well he's so bloody good looking!


Peeta, Peeta , Peeta.What are we going to do with you? You're just far too perfect for any 'REAL' boy to play you. But I guess we're gonna have to deal with what we got, aren't we? So I've heard they've picked Josh Hutcherson to be you, Peeta. Even though he has that cute smile, and with blonde hair he looks 'Mm, Mm Good', if i might say. I don't know if his acting will do you justice. I guess we'll find out when the movie comes out! Personally, my perfect Peeta would be Mitch Hewer. Why? I guess i have a thing with boys with a side fringe, and blonde? DAMN. But why Peeta? I think, with blue eyes added with Peeta's wondrous personality. I think he would be, MY Peeta Mellark. But still, he isn't by any means perfect, like the Peeta in my mind is portrayed. So lets try a different boy, and see how this one looks.
Alex Pettyfer , The latest heartthrob to hit the theatres. I have to admit, he'd sure be one sexy Peeta. Too sexy perhaps? Is that even possible? Yes, yes I'm afraid so. To me it is. Sure he's good looking as hell, but you Peeta, have this Vulnerability to you. Standing beside Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) he would be a total attention grabber, and look to composed in my opinion. Although, Alex wouldn't be perfect, he'd still be in the list of my 'Peeta guys'.

Alright, Peeta. So it comes down to one other boy that could possibly pull my heartstrings like you, Lucas Till. Okay, okay. I know he was in the Hannah Montana movie, but there's something about him that screams you, Peeta! That smile, that hair. Did I mention his hair? On top of all of that, his acting I think could do you justice, Peeta. Again, not perfectly you.

These boys are as close as we're getting to you, Peeta Mellark. The wonderful sensitive, caring, confident, silly, boy with the bread. I'm sorry that none of these boys we've all chosen do you justice. But we tried, we really did. So lets see how Josh Hutcherson does as you , shall we? And even if he doesn't do as good as a job as we'd like, you'll always be the perfect Peeta in our minds, and our hearts!


My ideal actor to play Peeta Mallark would have to be Hunter Parish. He's already got the chiselled body for the role, not to mention the hair. His facial features are a close match to how I've come to imagination the boy with the bread and Hunter has a dreamy voice. His singing is amazing. Aside from Hunter I’ve heard a lot of names come up from others on who they think Peeta should be played as, Alex Pettyfer being the most prominent one that I can remember.
I love Alex and his sexy British hotness, but in my mind he's not the right fit for the role. It's not that he's a bad actor, I don't want to offend any diehard fans, but Alex has had some pretty big roles this year. A lot of them are characters that I personally love, like John Smith form I Am Number Four, Kyle Kingsbury from Beastly, and there is talk that he might play Jace Wayland in City of Bones. Aside from his movie boom, Alex has gotten himself into quite a mess with the tabloids. The whole Diana scandal makes me feel like he should take a little break from the spotlight and let someone else take a turn.

So, on to my thoughts about Josh Hutcherson, who was just recently casted as Peeta. He's definitely not what I expected. I'm not sure if I love or hate the choice the casting director made, but Josh has a gorgeous smile. That's the only thing keeping my opinion undecided. In the books Peeta's smile was a big part of his charm and image. Without his dazzling pearly whites the rest of him would seem irreparably off. I'll have to wait and see how Josh's acting pans out in the movie before deciding if he can portray the boy with the bread. Until then he will always just be that kid who did a horrible job crying in Little Manhattan.
On a final note, the fact that Summit Entertainment is producing the film makes me nervous. I can sum up my reason for it in one word: Twilight. Yes, I've read the books and have seen the movies. They're both horrible in their own way.

Feel free to comment below on how you feel about Hunter or any other male actors who YOU can see portraying the lovely Peeta! Are you a Peeta fan like us or a Gale fan or both? Let us know!
Stay toon for future book reviews!


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