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Monster Tweets

Don't have twitter? Still wanna see what your favorite authors are up too? Look no further. Literature monsters present Monster Tweets! We're going to be getting together the tweets we think are memorable and intriguing to us, to share with you! These tweets may contain certain dates for tours, or book releases. Funny tidbits, author comments about their books , and just awesome facts! These tweets aren't constructed by us whatsoever, they come right from the authors twitter! We hope you enjoy! :)

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Getting ready for a television appearance. I'm afraid I'll blurt, "The zombies are coming!" and race from the stage. Heh. - @carrieryan

My sis sent me this with the caption "vampires, zombies, vampires, vampires." Is that the new "duck duck goose?" - @carrieryan

okay, off to practice reading before bed and TOMORROW THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES COMES OUT!! *runs around flailing*- @carrieryan

nothing like IMing with your husband when he is in the same room. LOL technology. - @carrieryan

Working on The Darkest Seduction (Paris) today, as well as small round of fixes for Twisted. - @genashowalter

in the works is non-fic, alien huntress, just finished twisted, just wrote a nocturne, & lord book is up next to be written (kane) #chatpad - @genashowalter

I don't yet know what going to happen in final Intertwined book, but it will be a happy ending. That's a must have for me! #chatpad - @genashowalter

Don't stone me, but I've never had writer's block. The characters just kinda lead me to where they want to go! #chatpad - @genashowalter

Saw a starfish and a tiny bunny today. Climbed around sea caves. Best way to distract myself from prerelease nerves EVER. - @hollyblack

I think I had waaaaay too much caffeine; I am vibrating with some combination of pre-release nerves and chemicals. - @hollyblack

RT @mitsukakecat @hollyblack Random thought :P Cassel & Lila combo name. Lassel, Casla, Lilasel? I kind of like Lassel. Lilasel sounds like a itch cream LOL - @hollyblack

Eating cookies and editing a comic. #secretproject -@hollyblack

"Give yourself permission to write a bad book." -- @officalally

*"Sometimes you'll write total nonsense and that's ok." -- @Sarahreesbrenna

"Find the voice of whoever it is you're trying to write and just write." -- @AlysonNoel

carrieryan says all the zombies from her books are people who have done her wrong. - @carrieryan

@hollyblack steals traits from her friends and assembles them with pieces from her. - @hollyblack

Everyone who tweeted me to tell me about #CoFA I really appreciate it. - @cassieclare

I hope when CP comes out we will all be talking about the Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene. - @cassieclare

Mortal Instruments director Scott Stewart explains why he's the man for the job. - @cassieclare

Belated book birthday/COFA comments - @cassieclare

Get the book. I'll be teething only spoiler free reactions and answering questions only behind a link till Saturday. - @cassieclare

RT @rayrayX96 : " would you ever kill Jace in any of the books?" if the plot requires it, anyone can die. - @cassieclare

Holly pulled over be airport security for carrying the handcuffs that are part of our midnight release party prize. I laugh and laugh. - @cassieclare

@cassieclare I see you over there tweeting.... - @carrieryan

I finally blog about HARE MOON, the ebook prequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth that came out on Tues! -@carrieryan

squeee!! The Dark and Hollow Places book trailer is out! @carrieryan

I would check in on my to-do list but the cat is currently napping on it. - @carrieryan

OOOOHHHH! Check out the Swedish cover for The Forest of Hands and Teeth! Very lovely and creepy! LOVE! - @carrieryan

there's an owl that lives in my neighborhood that sounds like he's been smoking 10 packs a day for years. I love him - very distinct – @carrieryan

Cat just brought me the dog's rope bone and then went and curled up in the dog's kennel. Me: o_0 - @carrieryan

you have to love it when "shower" is on your to-do list. Yikes! - @carrieryan

Oooh! A new foreign cover for The Forest of Hands and Teeth! This is Holland: @carrieryan

since I visit a lot of middle schools, I do worry sometimes about having zombie powerpoint slides and scaring them... - @carrieryan


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