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Reviewer: Brittknee
Author: Ellen Hopkins
   Trying to escape the grips of the monster is an almost impossible task. The monster will always be in the back of your mind trying to will you to come back, just one more time. For some people, that temptation is too hard to resist.

    Having a baby at 18 was never what Kristina's parents would have wanted for her, but the constant drug abuse took a hold of her life. And being raped by the guy who was one of her constant suppliers and former boyfriend, was never on her agenda. By best attempts Kristina held back the temptation to use while pregnant with her baby boy, hunter. After he was born she fell into a typical routine. Was she really happy? She loved hunter, but longed to be loved by another boy. A man. She believes shes allowed to have a little fun, right? Kristina may not be ready to party with the monster again, but Bree thinks otherwise; She's in control now.

   Glass is the sequel to the novel Crank by Ellen Hopkins This novel was again, truly interesting. It showed the life and mind of a drug addict. Although I didn't like this one as much as the first. This book seemed more predictable. The outcome of everything was very much expected. But nonetheless the story was still a page turner, because even though you make expect an outcome, you pray and hope it doesn't happen.
The writing style, was like the first novel. Again very unique, which made the story more interesting to read. Especially when the main character has a split personality, the placement of conversation in the novel is much easier to understand, than if it was written like a regular novel. I feel as if the author could have made more of a twist to the ending, but in the end it was expected and felt like a let down.

  Still this novel was a very good quick read, and I'm very glad I read it. I recommend to mature audiences over the age of 13 due to extreme content. Also to anyone who enjoyed the first novel, should definitely give this one a read.

3/5 addictions



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