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Covers to Gush Over (12)

Inside every girl, even if we chose to hide it, is a hopeless romantic who can't help but Awwww at public signs of affection. In order to fill our guily pleasure of PDA the Lit Monsters have decided to share five covers containing couples that they have deemed gush worthy.  

My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

I’m a long time fan of Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series and with that said no couples CTGO would be complete without my favourite cover, form the series, which happens to have models portraying Kaylee and Nash. There is a lot to love about this cover: The blue satin looking background that blends in with Kaylee’s dress; the way the title is draw in a wobble script that looks like how I would imagine a scream would look like if we were able to catch it on paper and finally, how Nash is holding Kaylee. I love them, individually and, as a couple and having them both on the cover for My Soul to steal, especially posing like they are, is very romantic. Lastly on a side note, I really love how the last word in the title, steal, is seen floating repetitively around their bodies in a smoky line. I noticed this “mark” when I picked up Rachel’s first Soul Screamers book, My Soul to Take, and I’m glad they kept it in the cover designs because it makes her covers that much more unique.  

Tempest by Julie Cross

This is a cover that brings out the hopeless romantic in me, which is a difficult feat because I’m not your stereotype female. I’m not usually a huge romantic. However I think this cover is beautiful and captivating! The focal point and topic for this week’s feature is Jackson, the time traveling college guy and Holly his girlfriend. I love their positioning on the cover because I think it portrays the plot of the novel to a ‘T’: Jackson stuck in a different year while Holly is in present day and injured, he’s reaching for her through time but can never touch her. The two models display this flawlessly! The font is easy clear and the pink is a splash of color needed—plus it ties in the bolt of lightning and doesn’t take away from the cover, which I like since some covers are too cluttered. Finally, the background is a perfect and I love the contrast of light and dark storm clouds.

Twisted by Gena Showalter

I love Gena Showalter’s Intertwined series and her cover for Twisted, although a dramatic change from her previous covers is still just as appealing. I really like the lighting in the background; it’s nice to look at, spontaneous, and can cause a lot of damage which fits Aden, as well as his relationship with Victoria, well. I also like how they made the title fit the word’s definiton to take a spiral form or course; wind, curve, or bend. Now, on to the couple. The model portraying Victoria is very pretty and the model they got to play Aden really personifies his protective nature towards Victoria which is also apparent in the way he’s holding her. Although I never liked Victoria as a character, even I can’t deny that on Gena’s cover they look like a really nice couple.  

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry Is exactly what a couple needs to have a functional, happy relationship. Many novels are based around a couple at one time or another, and that sometimes means the couple should be portrayed on the cover. Perfect Chemistry is the title of a book that has a wonderful cover. The couple on this cover have so much compassion with one another, which is clearly portrayed. It also shows how very opposite they are. The boy is tattooed, and flawed. And the woman is innocent, and perfect. Although they live in two very different worlds the “chemistry” between the two is still indescribably beautiful. Such an awesome couple cover, love it!

Tris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cover more harmonious in colour then Mette Ivie Harrison’s Tris & Izzie. The reds, yellows, and whites make the cover look serene and romantic as the models portraying Tris and Izzie. I love how romantically the models were positioned; with their head on each other’s shoulder and their hands lingering around each other’s waists. The boat filled with flower petals; having them raining down; and surrounding the couple all add to the romantic situation. Aside from the covers obvious beauty I really enjoy Izzie’s dress and Tris’ bare chest.


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