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 Author: Sophie Jordan
 Reviewer: Brittknee

    No matter the climate, no matter how much you fight against it. Your inner draki will pursue, and live again. Jacinda wants to live the life her mother, and sister Tamara really want. Since the only reason they stayed in her pride is for her. Ever since the death of her father, Jacinda's mother has been planning the moment to flee the pride, And when they threaten the freedom and safety of Jacinda she makes her move; leaving their old friends and enemies behind. Jacinda wants nothing more than to really smell the earth, feel the air beneath her strong wings, but cannot. She must smother the burning intensity in her chest, must give up and kill a part of her for the draki her sister never became, and the draki her mother gave up. Will Jacinda's best efforts be enough to hide and destroy her true self within? Or will she give in and Be a Firelight of disappointment?

There were times in the novel where I believed Jacinda was giving in too easily for what she loved, but the love she truly felt for her family was beautiful. She understood that in the pride, she was valued and loved for the simple fact she was a fire-breather; which made her the center of attention. She realized that her twin sister who did not become a draki, got lost in the shadows. So when they flee, she lets Tamara take the spotlight, and finally begin living a happy life regardless of how immensely crappy she felt about killing her draki.

 I certainly adored reading this book, it was a new genre I never thought I would be interested in. The concept of dragons was new to me, and I enjoyed every detail about them. The different powers for the dragons was an awesome way to interpret them differently, I thought it was beyond gratifying. There were times in this novel I didn't want too put it down; although there were other times I felt Jacinda was being a little over dramatic. Her drama made me laugh though, and didn't put me off one bit.

 I absolutely loved the details,and unique writing style Sophie Jordan has. She writes interesting characters, that intrigue me. I totally recommend this novel to the dragon lovers who are daring enough to read about dragons that do more than breathe fire, and where fire-breathing is almost extinct in the draki world!

5/5 Fire breathers!


Violet said...

I actually just finished reading this book about a week ago and I agree with your review totally! +your an awesome reviewer!

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