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Covers to Gush Over (15)

The first book in a series, usually, wins our affection; but book two is the one we start to crave as soon as we flip to the last page. In a way the Literature Monsters feel that this is also true for gush worthy covers. If we love the cover for the first book, we often crave the sight of the sequel.

Fever by Lauren DeStefano

Lauren’s covers just keep getting better and better. To start, I love the model they chose to portray Rhine. She looks so much like how I envisioned her from the descriptions in the book. She looks absolutely stunning in that gorgeous dress, that really compliments her skin tone. I also love how Rhine’s makeup matches her hair colour as well as a few of the background props. The props themselves are really interesting; especially the band on Rhine’s ring finger and the tarot card. They both raise the question of what direction Rhine’s future will take. I absolutely love the colour scheme chosen for Fever’s cover and how well the green and beige colours coincide with each other, as well as Wither’s purple. Lastly I really enjoyed the fact that they kept the connected lines, box and circle pattern that again highlights interesting things about the novel. A young beautiful girl, a wedding ring and a tarot card representing her fate.  

The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

The many stories in the book world are filled with great sequels, and not so great ones. The same goes for the sequels covers. Although the power of six, the sequel to I am number four has a smashing cover! The mellow blue colour is a nice change from the intense red and yellow from the first. The shine on the circle formations that appear remind me of water droplets. Whether they are or not, I am not certain. If they are indeed water droplets, than I am to assume that water may be somehow involved in the second book. Also the formation the 'water droplets' make is an awesome and eye catching design; and the font helps draw in attention immediately. I think this cover is bad-a** to say the least! Can't wait to read it, and see if it will turn out to be a trilogy!

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
I’ve always liked Lauren Oliver’s covers; especially the special edition cover for Delirium that matches the cover for Pandemonium. This cover is gorgeous. I love the model they got to portray Lena, she looks fierce, and how vibrant her eye is. The colour matches the orange of the plants perfectly and her hair really blends into the autumn foliage. Lastly, the glow around the white title is a nice added touch that really makes the cover pop. All of these aspects combine to make an amazing gush worthy cover.

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

A simply beautiful cover for the sequel to Nightshade and this is as enticing and stunning as its predecessor. The first thing that catches my eye is Calla’s eye color. I love how her gold irises are framed by her purple eye shadow—which obviously ties back to Nightshade’s cover, clever if you ask me. This time around I think that the green accent color adds a nice, bright contrast to the models pale skin tone and hair color. Again, this also brings out her eye color. Finally, the title is nicely placed and the font is oddly unique and I like how the ‘F’ has a drop of blood and the catch phrase, “How many trials can love survive?” definitely leaves the mind wondering about what will happen to Calla and who she chooses. Shay or Ren?

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr

Melissa Marr is one of my favourite authors and her books are as interesting and unique on the outside as they are on the inside. I absolutely love her cover for Ink Exchange. The model they chose to portray Leslie is amazingly pretty and I really like the dress she’s wearing. Her tattoo which plays a big part in the novel’s plot looks awesome, especially the eyes, and I love how the detailing around the title are the tips of a tattoo gun.  


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