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Author: Alexandra Adornetto
Reviewer: brittknee

We can never truly understand the amount of evil in our world. We're truly blind by it at times at how bad it gets. The dark forces, followers of Lucifer rain havoc, tearing peoples lives apart. The lord senses them in a little town call Venus cove, where tragedies upon tragedies have wrecked this town of their carefree living. He has sent three angels to Venus cove with a purpose, which they are unaware of, but will soon find out. Bethany the most unexpierenced of the three siblings of angels is faced with the task of being human. Where her siblings have had centuries of experience to tune out human feelings, they are afraid she may not be ready. Bethany has to adapt to going to school, making friends but still staying distant to not give away her, and her siblings true identities away. While looking, and waiting for her purpose on earth. Bethany meets a boy named Xavier woods. Could this boy be the purpose for her on earth? Or is this just a distraction from her real purpose? Bethany will most certainty find out.

was most certainly one of the most romantic, angel novels I have ever read. It blew my expectations out of the water, and I loved every second of it! This book has so much emotion, which sucks you in. You feel what Bethany feels, especially her feelings towards Xavier. They made me go crazy. They made me feel as if I could leave earth any second, so I should make every second count. This novel had excitement, romance and heartache. I truly loved this story and wanted more after finishing it.

I have never read anything by Alexandra Adornetto before, but I believe this was truly one to remember. She knew so much about her characters, everything was so in depth. I felt as if I was truly reading from something Bethany had written. I am surly impressed with Halo, And am looking forward to the sequal Hades as well as more novels by Alexandra Adornetto in the future!
Recommend for angel lovers, romantic lovers, demon slaying , action lovers. It has all that and much more! Was a long novel, but once you get into it you will wish it was longer!

5/5 angel feathers!


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I read this book i enjoyed it alot very suprized the author was so young!

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