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Covers to Gush Over (7)

This week the Literature Monsters decided to dedicate this CTGO to UK covers we prefer over the US/CAN versions. 

Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey
Left: US/CAN                                                      Right: UK
I like both of Alyxandra’s covers for Haunting Violet, but the UK version seems like a better fit to the novels story line. I have this preconceived notion, probably due to bad stereotyping, that ghost stories always have a direct correlation with Goths.  I’ve read many novels that have everything to do with ghosts and nothing to do with Goths, but I find Gothic covers to be generally more alluring. The lace dress is gorgeous and the models pale skin complements the dress’ shade perfectly. The purple background and fog look so surreal, and the crumbling archway frames the cover perfectly. It almost like a doorway to another world. Maybe the afterlife?    
Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Left: US/CAN                                             Right: UK
I absolutely adore this cover! The storm clouds in the background and the snow covered lands at the bottom of the cover are an amazing contrast! The focal point of the cover is the figure and I love the shadow effect on her body, it adds a bit of mystery to the novel. I also like her stance and the sword over her shoulder is kick-ass! Finally, the title is a little masterpiece of its own. The way the gold lettering fades into white and then back to gold is clever and it evidently hints at the storyline inside! Overall, I think that the UK cover absolutely trumps the US cover by 100 percent!
Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
Left: US/CAN                                              Right: UK
I like both the US/Can and UK versions of Josephine’s cover, but the UK cover features both Helen and Lucas which I enjoy a little more. This had nothing to do with the fact that they look like they’re going to kiss...well maybe just a little shouts the tiny romantic in me. I love the orange colour used to for the background and the lightning strike barrage is beautiful. The tagline “Destiny brought them together. The Gods will keep them apart.” is an amazing synopsis of the books plot line. It doesn’t tell you much about the situation the two characters are in, but those two lines are enough to make me want to buy and read the book. One major thing that I like about the UK cover that was sadly not added in the design of the US/CAN version are the intertwined s’ in the book’s title. The two s’ are a perfect representation of two people’s lives being intertwined by “destiny”, as the cover states.

Wake by Lisa McMann
Left: US/CAN                                                      Right: UK
Oh, the difficulty of capturing the essence of dreams in a photograph. Almost impossible, but this cover sure did the task well! The UK cover of wake is definitely my favourite compared to the US/CAN version. I can't believe it’s for the same book; I'm so amazed by it. The person who picked this design for the cover was a smart person. I personally think it’s beautiful. The young woman with yellow hair wrapping around the cover is clever and stunning,  and of course it has the famous line for this novel “ not all dreams are sweet” swirling around as well. The cover looks a bit cluttered, but it makes sense because it revolves around dreams and dreams aren't always organized and per portioned right?  This cover draws in your attention more than the US/CAN version. I only read wake in the first place for the reviews it was getting. I don't think I would have read it at all If it wasn't recommended to me, but if it was this cover I saw first I don't think I would have any doubts at all! Lovely cover! I love, love, love it!
The Gathering by Kelly Armstrong
Left: US/CAN                                                Right: UK
I love the cover for Kelly’s book the gathering; it’s just so interesting. So, like that they chose to portray Maya with a natural makeup look, and the fact that she’s not blue. It’s not that this was a huge problem for me when I saw the US/CAN cover; I just like that the UK version has more colour in it. I love the picture of the moon behind Maya’s head appears to be lighting the forest and grabs attention to the cover by giving it an eerie glow. The whole design choice where Maya is inside a silhouette of herself is an awesomely clever idea to express events and discoveries in the books plot.


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