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Author: Lisa McMann
Reviewer: Brittknee

Dreams can replay one of your tragic memories, make you fall, make you feel, make you see things you wouldn't always expect. For seventeen year old Janie, she experiences all these dreams with you. Getting sucked into people’s dreams all the time is getting quite old for Janie, as she experiences them when she's at school, and even when driving. First, everything goes black, then she goes numb. And the dream plays in her head, no matter whose it may be. Even other people’s nightmares haunt her.

    Janie fears telling anyone about these occurrences, in fear of disbelief and ridicule. Janie just wants to be a normal teenager, get good grades, work hard, and get into college. But these dreams tend to be getting in the way of it. Janie is forced to adapt and deal. Until, she experiences the most terrifying nightmare yet. She is not only watching the dream happen before her eyes, she is a part of it. (Via Shelfari )

    Wake by Lisa McMann is an exquisite novel, and has a very unique storyline which was different, but in a good way! Someone who is able to be sucked into someone else’s dreams is a new concept for me, but I enjoyed it very much. The only thing I may have disliked about it is how fast everything seemed to go. Although it may have gotten straight to the point with the journal like entries, I felt as if it was going too fast. Nonetheless, I will most definitely read the other books in the series despite this fact! I still enjoyed it very much.

    This novel should be recommended for people who enjoy the whole dream aspect. As well as for mature young adults due to the mature descriptions and coarse language that is present. Very enjoyable to say the least!

4/5 Literature Monsters! -brittknee

Megann had this to say about Wake:

Lisa McMann is without doubt one of my favourite authors and Wake is an amazing book to sink your teeth into. The plot is engagingly filled with suspense, adorable romance, and exposes some of the more mature content of the teenage dream. Although the book contains mature content it’s rather minimal and isn’t presented in a raunchy mater unsuitable for teens over the age of 14. The writing style Lisa Mcmann uses in this novel is a little odd, to me, but the book is a quick and enjoyable read.


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