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Author: Thomas Fahy
Reviewer: Brittknee

   Sleepless, is an adult horror novel by Thomas Fahy. Emma Montgomery, and Jake Hardale are two seniors who have and eye on one another and share a certain bond with several different students. That bond is that they are all hiding something.

    Emma, Jake and other students such as Duncan and Lily, whom are best friends. Caitlin, a girl Jake hooked up with. And their supervisor Dr. Beecher all volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. A Charity where they build homes for people who were effected by hurricane Katrina. When all of the students witness the death of Reverend Michaels. The murder had been committed by a 12 year old girl named Selene, who was sleepwalking. The local witch was blamed for hypnotizing her, and they all made a vow not to tell anyone about the death.

   Soon after the students return home to Sea Cliff, Long island. Students are beginning to have incredibly violent nightmares of killing. But once the people they dreamed of killing turn up dead, especially the ones they love, they're determined to find out who is responsible.

   The book mostly takes place in Sea cliff, but occasionally flashbacks to New Orleans. Emma, and Jake are the two people the book mostly reflects on. The novel is narrated in the third person which I feel works well with this novel. Thomas Fahy's writing style, is very detailed compels you to read on. He leaves much room for mystery.

   I personally loved the way Emma and Jake interacted with one another. The love interest is shown, but it is not overwhelming. It interlaces throughout the story well and doesn't consume it. I felt as if this book could have had more of a thrill, and a scare to it. It would have made it more intriguing. The interesting and mysterious cover caught my attention, immediately which is always good to a novel in my opinion. This book may not be for everyone, due to the violent behaviours shown, and the gruesome imagery that can be very detailed. Which may disturb some people. But I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a good horror, mystery novel. It was a beautiful horror, and a quick read!  Check out Thomas Fahy's website here:

4/5 literature monsters!

- Brittknee


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