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Angel Burn *Some Spoilers*

By L.A. Weatherly
Review by Kaependragon

Forget everything you think about angels because this book reinvents the whole concept of them. At first glance the title and cover were enough to intrigue me. L.A Weatherly is an intense and creative writer and this novel; Angel Burn was a joy to read! Weatherly is able to create a world that is believable to the reader and has created characters that are relatable. On the other hand the novel’s plot was predictable.

The main protagonist is Willow. She always thought she had a normal life, but she never knew how wrong she was. Willow is also physic. She’s the real deal, not some showboat that’s in it for the fame and money. Weatherly was able to make Willow connectible. She was just an ordinary kid whose future was jam-packed with twists and turns.

“You never really know what kinds of thoughts people might have bubbling away like witches’ cauldrons under the surface of their ordinary lives.” (Weatherly, 20)

Willow gives readings to her classmates and this is where she first experiences the horror of Angels. She gives a girl from school a reading and discovers that she has been touched by a halo wearing, white winged Angel. Everything seems fine until Willow looks deeper in the girl’s soul. She discovers that Angels are not as ‘Angelic’ as they first appear. They fed off of human auras. Their victims only see their divine form:

“Not only could angels in their human form blend in with the rest of the population; they couldn't be easily harmed in that form – and normally the only humans to see them in their divine form were victims…” (Weatherly, 67)

Aside from Willow another character that impacts the plot is AK or ‘Angel Killer’ Alex. His views of angels are: ‘the only good angel is a dead angel.’ He is the brawn of this book. Willow was ignorant of the ‘angel’ world but when Alex comes crashing into her life, guns blazing she’s thrown into the fire quite quickly. Alex is a boy who has seen much more than one person should.

Each character had their secrets and hidden pasts that made me want to continue reading. The whole aspect that angels were evil made it an even more enjoyable read! It was refreshing for me to find a novel that wasn't about the typical “fallen angel finds love with a human girl.” It was able to reveal a whole new concept to me, that angels are dark, sinister and downright creepy. I enjoyed how there were different narrators throughout the novel however it was also confusing at times to follow. The plot twists were interesting and kept me on my toes but it wasn't hard to figure them out. At times in the novel the storyline turns a bit dry and the romance angle takes a while to evolve. It left me bored and wishing some scenes were shorter.

I recommend this book to anyone who would like a break from the generic angel novels and for those who are true romantics. The way L.A Weatherly write is easy to read and compelling! The cliff-hanger ending truly leaves me with an interest to see what happens next to Alex and Willow. Their fight is far from over so you’ll have to read the book to find out if Willow can overcome the angels and save the human population from being turned into a food source.

4/5 Literary Monsters.

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I love how the author showed a different side of angels, very good and also loved the love story between Willow and Alex.

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