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Clockwork Prince

 Author: Cassandra Clare
Reviewer : brittknee

 Tessa Gray Has found the institute as now her home, she knows her brother to be nothing but an imposter; so her mind is sick with worry and confusion.The Magister is still missing and Charlotte and Henry must find some trace of him or she may lose her title to run the institute. Tessa may be losing her new home already, along with Jem and Will and the other Shadowhunters who share it.

 Meanwhile, Tessa still has obvious feelings for Will, but with him constantly pushing her and everyone else away, she is forced into the arms of Jem. Whom she's also beginning to grow feelings for. What will become of Tessa when she must not only do what her mind tells her, but her heart too?

This was such a good novel, and I am utterly impressed. I was forced into limbo of heart stings being pulled for Tessa. That girl is one of the most strong willed girls, and to see her kick ass as she did, made me smile. The writing from beginning to end kept me intrigued and reading from morning to night. My heart was yearning for Tessa to see Will for the person he truly is and not the person whom kept pushing her away. Although my heart also yearned for Jem, who's sweetness could melt any woman's heart in an instant.

When first reading the Internal devices, I was afraid they'd be the same, but indeed they are not. They somehow connect but still go in different directions, and I adore that. The characters were incredibly relatable, and I felt as if I was watching they grow, adapt and be utterly content. I love beign able to understand, and relate to characters, and Cassandra definitly does this perfectly for me!

If you enjoyed any other novels by Cassandra Clare, you will surley not be disapointed by the Internal devices, or by Clockwork prince spesifically. They draw you in, and keep you there from begining to end.
Cassandra Clare has written another beautifully wonderful novel, and I wil be anticipating the next novel in the Infernal devices!


5/5 Ticks of the clockwork angel


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