Tuesday, January 3, 2012 | By: Megzarooni

Covers to Gush Over (20)

This week marks the start of a new year, so the Literature Monsters decided to dedicate this week's CtGO to the covers of 2011.

Kaependragon chose: Hades by Alexandra Adornetto

As a reader this cover automatically caught my attention due to the bright clash of colours and models that are front and center. I love how much detail you can visibly see on the motorcycle—to the engine and all its chrome to the paint decals on the gas tank and back fender. I like how Bethany and her companion are silhouetted but you can almost make out their faces and clothing. Personally, it adds a bit of mystery to the whole cover. My favourite part of this cover is the lightening in the foreground; it’s almost as if it splits the grey sky from the red. I particularly like how, where the lightening meets the ground, there is a split and you see cracks in the pavement and how lava can be seen. Finally, I love how the title is bold and upfront and encircled in an intricate weave of red designs! A favourite of 2011

Megzarooni chose: Hourglass by Myra McEntier

My favourite cover of 2011 is Myra McEntire’s Hourglass. All the colours harmonise with each other and the model on the cover looks so elegant. The paleness of her skin emphasise her black dress in a way that is completely complementary to both the purple wall and her golden coloured hair. I wish I had hair like that. I love how the model appears to be standing horizontally on the wall a few inches above the floor. It makes the whole cover look so much more intriguing and magical. Lastly, I love how smooth flowing the white letters of the tittle which reminds me so much of the smooth flow of sand within an hourglass.

Brittkneesaur chose: Hades by Alexandra Adornetto

By far my favourite cover of 2011 has to be the spine chilling epic cover of Hades! It has a sexy shadowy man on a motorcycle, with what appears to be an innocent angel riding on the back. The angel's wings are spread out; incredibly beautifully and elegant. In the background the sky goes from a dark gray, to a dark and bright red with an incredible lightning bolt shooting from the sky, hitting the ground. The colours, and the intense graphic images portrayed draw you into it immediately. I think someone would be crazy if they saw this cover and didn't pick it up to at least read the summary! This stunning cover of 2011 is an eye grabber, and definitely deserves to go into book cover heaven!


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