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Fairy bad day

Author: Amanda Ashby
Reviewer : brittknee

   Emma wanted nothing more than to follow in her mothers footsteps, and be designated to become a dragon slayer. But no, of all the elements to be designated to, she gets fairy's! Then she gets paired up with the one person who stole her designation, Curtis green. Who turns out to be actually really cute. And to top it off, there's a giant invincible killer fairy only she can see. Emma has to hunt down this killer fairy, prove she's worthy of the dragon designation; and prove she's not crazy. Emma is going to have a Fairy Bad Day.

  This novel was packed with loads of wit, humour and action. It blew my expectations right out of the water. A first glance this novel did not seem to be in my genre, but I am surely glad I gave it a chance. The writing was very modern, but in a spectacular way. The characters had so much emotion, and energy. I loved the way they interacted with one another, and worked together. Emma is definitely one of the more unique characters I've ever read about. She's very honourable, trustworthy, and full of curiosity regardless of all the mysterious things she already knows of. Not to mention how bad ass she is!

The over all story concept was definitely different and a mind changer. The concept I definitely thought was cool was Burtonwood  Academy filled with sight- gifted students, who are being taught how to slay the elemental species they specialize in to protect the blind-sighted people, where Emma attends. The school was an awesome idea!

Amanda Ashby, has written a spectacular novel, and should be very proud! I loved it, from beginning to end. Although I didn't get through it as fast as i originally thought I would; I read it at a slow pace, soaking up all the awesome. Regardless, I assure you This is a must read novel for all! I sure didn't need Unseen glasses to see this book is filled to the brim with greatness!

5/5 Sour Skittles!


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