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   Now that Grace and Sam are finally together, doesn't mean that the struggles are over.  Grace struggles with not knowing what the future holds for her, and fears it more than ever. Sam must batttle with his wolf past. Now they're together, their troubles have just begun.

  A new wolf introduced to the pack, battles with himself; Past and present. Willingly he gave up his permanent human form, for one of a wolf. He must fight with his inner demons, regrets, and fearful decision. Cole must fight with the changes, of being a wolf; and worse of all, His human form aswell.
 Love lingers throughout the struggles, and pulls between human and wolf. Though will love be enough for them to conquer the intense menacing chaos, that is their lives?

 Another beautifully written novel by Maggie Stiefvater! Many applause's from me, and many more. The sequel to the howlingly awesome Shiver had some high expectations to live up too, and It met them without fail! I was blown away yet again, over this novel. My heart was being pulled into fifty different directions, and my mind was aching for more. I can't express the love I have for this series! My emotions were involved, and I adored that. The relationship between Grace and Sam has the most beautiful chemistry, which makes my stomach do back flips! Not to mention the love, and hate I for their inner wolves.

   With every flip of the page, their was more and more surprises filled with heartache, love and ferocious wolf attacks! I can't stress more that everyone will truthfully enjoy Linger! It was a quick read, considering I didn't want to put it down!

5/5 Paper cranes


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