Tuesday, September 6, 2011 | By: Megzarooni

Covers to Gush Over (17)

Blonds and Brunttets seem to be a mojority favourite in literature, but every once in a while the Literature Monsters come across that rare character with hair as fiery as their determination. This week the Lit Monsters decided to dedicate this week's CTGO to readheads 

Other by Karen Kincy

Karen Kincy’s cover for Other is rather stunning. I love how bright the colours they used are.  the forest’s blue sky and the red dirt mixed with the green trees looks really pretty and the blurr effect draws interest to the model portraying Gwen. Since Gwen is a shapeshifter in the novel I thought it was really cool, not to mention an amazing effect, to have her shifting into her owl form. At first it looks like she’s wearing a dress, but if you look closer what looked like a dress is actually gorgeous feathers. Her red hair is stunning and her yellow eye kinda mesmerizing. I also really like how they added a small shadow of a wolf in the bottom right corner and make the O in others an owl.     

Rebel angels by Libba Bray

Recently red heads have been popping up in books like crazy! It’s no wonder, fiery red heads are always portrayed as bada**, and stunning. Rebel Angels has a gorgeous read head on the cover! The red headed young woman has her luscious red locks tied up in an elegant pretty messy bun type hairdo. Clearly the woman is from an era a long time ago, when woman wore lace and dresses quite frequently, because the blouse she is wearing looks like a style from back then, it looks as if the lace is fragile. The beautiful red head looks mysterious, as if she has many secrets to keep, and some of her own to hide. This cover is beautiful, mysterious. What’s not to love about it?

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

I love Sophie Jordan’s cover for Firelight! The model portraying Jacinda is really pretty and I absolutely adore how vibrant her hair is. The scale detailing on the side of the model’s face looks amazing and rather realistic. The silver dragon eye looks absolutely stunning, not to mention wickedly cool looking. Lastly, I really like how the yellowish gold colour of the title and the white colour of the author’s name coincide with Jacinda’s skin tone and hair colour.

Everblue by Brenda Pandos

Everblue’s cover is a beautiful display of this week’s topic; redheads! The models pale skin allows for a bright and eye-popping contrast to the vivacious hair! The angle of the models face is also a nice touch, I think that if she were to be looking forward, it would have toned town the full effect this cover has on readers. I love how half of her hair is submerged and the two tones of color—a bright red to a wine red color. Even the tendrils of hair look like they’re moving! The ripple effect is also alluring and a fantastic way to catch reader’s eyes! Plus the little starfish attached to her hair is another clever trick to enhance the color. The title is definitely not the underdog on this cover! The rustic and white font stands out from the rest of the components on this cover! Just brilliant!


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