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Covers to Gush Over (16)

One of the Literature Monsters just recently got some ink work done and since the other two already have their own skin's marked; we decided to dedicate this week's CTGO to tattoos.

Snitch by Allison Van Diepen

I really like Allison Van Diepen’s cover for Snitch because it really embodies the novel’s plot. Gangs, brands, and as the title say a snitch. The model on the cover looks like one of the stereotypical female gang members you see in the movies or on TV; with her midriff exposed and her jeans worn lowly on her hips. Although getting the word snitch tattooed across your stomach in real life isn’t wise, I thought this was a very clever method of displaying the Diepen’s title. It not only foreshadows Julia’s main problem ,that like a tattoo there are some choices that people make that are harder to erase, but it also depicts the stereotype that most gang members have tattoos. On a lighter note I’ve always liked tattoo fonts, they always look really interesting.

The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney

The The Iron Witch is a perfect display for this week’s CTGO’s topic of tattoos! The child of two alchemist parents the main character Donna suffers injuries from a fey attack when she was younger. The results? Iron tattoos that brand her hands and arms. I love the depiction of the main character Donna and how her iron tattoos are on full display. The intricate design and color is breathtaking and I could stare at this cover for hours! I also like the whole concept of the tattoos being iron. It’s a very intriguing subject! The small ornate glass bottle is beautiful! I’m assuming it’s a product made by her parents and I’m thinking that it could possibly be the very thing the evil fey are looking for. The black background is a genius way to display the main focal point—the model and her tattoos. Plus the added swirls in the corners are a nice accent. Finally the title’s font is beautiful and ties in perfectly with the rest of the cover! My love for this cover is as big as my love for my own tattoos!

Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs

The cover for Tempest Rising combines two things that I absolutely love; Mermaids and tribal tattoos. To start this off, I like how they made the background of the novel’s cover a mix of deep and light blues, almost as if it were mimicking how water looks when it catches the rays of the sun. A first it appears as if the model on the cover is wearing a dress, but if you take a closer look you see that her dress is actually scales. Lastly, onto the reason I picked Deebs’ cover for this week’s CTGO; the model’s tattoo! Tribal tattoos are one of my favourite designs because they’re so creative.  The artist takes all these odd shapes and arranges them to make any design they want, for example a bird, or a sea current.       

The Barcode Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn

Getting inked is a lot more acceptable than it was once before. There are many reasons for getting a tattoo, some are meaningless and stupid. And others carry meaning with every drop of ink. Tattoo's are also a lot more acceptable in novels now, and their covers. The Bar code Tattoo’s cover doesn't actually have the tattoo on skin in clear view for this cover. Although it has the design right on top, so you can clearly see what it is. I enjoy how this tattoo is laid out on the cover, it shows what it is perfectly; a bar code. Knowing minimal knowledge about this novel, the bar code design is not exactly meaningful to the person it's suppose to get tattooed on, it will become her identity. The woman on the cover, I'm assuming is the person who does not want to be tattooed for the sake of becoming a code.Though it already is on the woman's wrist. The woman is beautiful, but distant and angry. This cover isn't exactly a tattoo per-say, but it’s the design; And a really cool one at that! Getting inked is for life, think about it before you do it!

Revelations by Melissa De La Cruz

Melissa De La Cruz’s cover for Revelations is another great example of how beautiful tribal tattoo’s look. The Star on the back of her neck might identify her as a silver blood, but the mark’s colour and swirled detailing look amazing. Another thing that I always loved about Melissa’s covers is the city silhouette present on each of her covers. For Revelations the city is Rio de Janeiro, which I’ve heard is a lovely place to visit.


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