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Rebel Angels

Author: Libba Bray
Reviewer: Brittknee

Gemma Doyle is back in the dramatically wonderful sequel of A Great and Terrible Beauty, to defend the Realm and the magic within as the duty of the order, against Circe. With her best friends, Felicity and Ann, by her side she is determined to bind the magic to restore peace within the realms, not only for herself but also in memory of her mother, and their dear friend Pippa. Gemma fights for what is right in the realms despite of the complications, tragedies and heartbreak that surrounds her in her life outside of them. Rebel Angels will surprise you in many ways.

Libba Bray sure did not let down any expectations with Rebel Angels. Her writing style has always been very interesting to me, and I always seem to enjoy it. Even through the 'Not so exciting' parts of her books I'm always left interested, and still enjoy  reading her work. The time period of the A Great and Terrible Beauty, novels has always been a favorite of mine. The different expectations of ladies back then has always intrigues me. Although, in this book I found Gemma to be a little more spontaneous and 'unlady like'. Not saying I'm complaining though. I loved seeing this side of  Gemma. It made me see her in a different and more loving way!

     The story had its twists and turns, but always kept my attention. I did expect many of the twists, but while I had accusations, I still kept my mind open and kept possibilities. I loved how this novel took place in London, instead of mostly at Spence Academy. The girls got to experience more because of the change in setting which I adored. The end of this novel, I felt, was sort of a let down. It was as if she did what she had to and there you go, farewell now. There wasn't much excitement to the end, in my opinion, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless!

     A Great and Terrible Beauty, readers should definitely check this novel out! It's a bit longer, but you'll surely enjoy it as much as I did or possibly more! Libba Bray is a wonderful author and I'm excited for more books to come!

4/5 Literature monsters!



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