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The Monsters Top 5: Males

*Caution May Contain SPOILERS*

Every great book has a hot, brave, lovable, protective, did I mention hot? Male character. Here is each of
the Monsters top five book character that just so happen to fit into all of these categories:

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1. Peeta Mellark(Hunger Games Trilogy)
Peeta leaves me speechless. He is perfection personified. This well built, not overly buff, blue eyed blond definitely sets the bar high when it comes to the perfect male character. His love for katniss is breathtaking and his devotion to her survival, life threatening and limb loosing. The boy with the bread is definitely a once in a lifetime, melt you heart, character who will always own the special place at the top of my list.

2. Elias/Catcher(DTW & DAHP)
These two are tied for second. Ironically they are from the same books, but I love Elias more in DTW and Catcher in DAHP. They both show a high spirited determination to survive with the women they love in the dying, literally dying because most of the population are zombies, world they live in. Oh, did I mention they’re not afraid to cry? BONUS!
3. Jace Wayland(TMI)
Almost every girl’s wet dream. Jace is one of those special characters that make you love them even when they anger you by being complete and utter smart ass douche canoes.

4. Ky Markham(Matched)
See a pattern yet? Ok, so I love guys that are willing to risk everything for love and boy does Ky risk it all for Cassia. Ky also artsy, resourceful, a silent genius, and thoughtful. Poem anyone?

5. Haden (A.K.A Aden) Stone(Unravelled/Intertwined)
He has a party in his head, magic powers, kick ass fighting abilities, and is the first human to become king of the vampires. Someone call Webster’s Dictionary because awesome has a new name. Aden Stone.


1: Aden ( Intertwined )
2:Peeta Mellark ( The Hunger Games )
3:Astley ( Entice )
4:Elias ( The Dead Tossed waves )
5:Cassel ( White Cat )

I'm not good at expressing my emotions towards my fav book boys, cause they all bring out so many different things in me ♥


1- Harry Potter (HP)
He taught me to never give up and that bravery can be found in the most unlikeliness of places. He also helped me figure out that despite all hardships you can achieve greatness.

2- Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games Trilogy)
Peeta makes me melt, I love the boy with the bread. He's my kind of man!

3- Jace Wayland (TMI)
What can I say about this muscled, blonde, tattooed, humorous and yet sensitive fella? I love him and all his snark comments.
4- John Smith (Lorien Legacies)
I like myself some hot alien boy, take me to your leader!

5-Adam Hauptman (Mercy Thompson Series)
He's just so sexy and assertive, he's the tall dark and handsome God.


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