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In the Arms of Stone Angels

In the Arms of Stone Angels by Jordan Dane was a riveting, roller coaster of a read! The first line; “I slept with the dead.” was enough to draw me into the story and keep me entangled in its grasp. Talk about cold shivers!

The first chapter was a start up of a beautifully choreographed novel. From the first line to the last sentence I was captivated. I was sucked into this book at record pace! I was enthralled with Brenna’s character and the torment and guilt she carries on her shoulders after turning her best friend, White Bird into the police after witnessing him kneeling over a dead girl’s body.

The return to Shawano, Oklahoma for Brenna brought on many dangers. Conspiracies and hidden motivations of former classmates soon arise and Brenna is constantly hounded by a Sheriff who won’t believe that she is innocent in the murder.

At some parts I wanted to scream and tear my hair out because of the unfairness of it all, the odds were stacked up high against Brenna Nash. I was surprised that she kept up with her intentions of helping White Bird; who is in a mental hospital, stuck inside his mind.

By chapter four I couldn’t stop reading. I burned the ‘midnight oil’ as chapter after chapter was read! A dark chill set into my body and an instant feeling of unease builds as I read pages that involve a darker plot line. A tale of one girl standing up against a small town, where it seems her chances of prevailing are slim. Mob mentality takes over and stakes are high as Brenna comes closer to revealing the true murderer and what really happened under the bridge by the cemetery.

As a reader I look for something to connect with in a novel and Dane did exactly that. I felt every emotion that Brenna had throughout the story; I felt every tear she cried and every flash of anger or fear that went through her body. Simply unforgettable and astonishing!

It was deliciously dark and edgy with a splash of humour. Jordan Dane is a master storyteller whose new and refreshing voice will be a welcoming addition to the 2011 books being published!

5/5 literary monsters!

Beautifully Done! -- Check her out!


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